With its versatility, our Edge AI visual analytics SoC empowers AI applications to a plethora of markets as

AI doorbells, Smart retail solutions, Facial authorization for payments, Smarter access control, and Surveillance.

The AI SoC also empowers visual analytics applications in drones, robotics, e-sports, medical equipment, smart appliances, car vision processing, and traffic control, and more.
AI system is used in situations of multi-factor authentication to provide access to the users
Artificial Intelligence supercharges surveillance, allowing camera owners to identify “unusual” behavior, recognize actions.
AI creates an opportunity to bridge the gap between virtual and physical sales channels.
AI is Transforming Manufacturing, quality testing increases productivity by up to 50 percent and increase defect detection rates by up to 90 percent.
AI enables cars to navigate through the traffic and handle complex situations. It becomes easier to ensure proper and safe driving.
Healthcare Industries are applying AI to make a better and faster diagnosis than humans.
Robotics coupled with AI techniques, program robot behaviors and works toward robots as technical devices that have to be developed and controlled by a human engineer.
Drones technology can only unlock its full potential when data acquisition and data analytics happen at the highest degree of automation.
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